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Has The Ark OF The Covenant been found? - This Video has the answer!
Ron Wyatt found the Ark Of The Covenant, this exciting video reveals to you the most important discovery of all time. This video also includes proof that will show you without a doubt that Ron found the Ark


The Ark Of The Covenant Discovery
On January 6, 1982, after years of hard labor and excavation permits issued by the Israeli Departmant of Antiquities, Ron Wyatt crawled into the cave and found the Ark of the Covenant. In this cave there were numerous artifiacts from Solomon’s Temple that gave proof to their discovery. Most amazingly there was a dark substance that had dripped out of the ceiling onto the top of the golden lid or Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. It was in that moment that Ron realized it was Jesus’ blood – His DNA. After multiple tests science has concluded that this dark substance was blood indeed and was unlike any other human blood sample ever tested before. Join Scott Laird and Kevin Fisher from Ark Discovery International as they display replica artifacts found with the Ark of the Covenant and video footage from Ron Wyatt himself. For more information visit:

Forbidden footage of actual location of Red Sea Crossing & Mt. Sinai
The real exodus location has been found.Did the Red Sea crossing in Exodus happen and if so where is the evidence? This episode is packed full of evidence from photographs to video footage of the actual location of this historical event. This episode is one to share with your friends and family. There is evidence at the bottom of the Red Sea from chariot wheels to bones covered in coral. Cave drawings, altars, and even destroyed columns can still be found in Mount Sinai. Your faith won’t be shaken again! For more information visit:

Hidden Messages in the Bible
Are there Hidden Messages in the Bible? Yes! And this proves that there is indeed an Infinitely Higher Intelligence in The Universe and that the Bible is highly influenced by God.

Wyatt Archaeological Research – Amazing Discoveries [Full Presentation]


Noah’s Ark has been found!

The story of the discovery and the evidence of Noah’s Ark in the mountains of Ararat.